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wine fountain, wine glass, green glass, waldglas, collectible design
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During a residency in Schloss Hollenegg, Austria, Christian+Jade dived into the local history of forest glass, also known as Waldglas, which was produced using two raw materials that was abundant in the area - quartz sand from the land and wood ash from the trees. 

Inspired by the richness of the lands, Christian+Jade have transformed unused sand from developing the Kor-Alm railway tunnel on Schloss Hollenegg’s ground, into a glass with a unique deep green colour resulting from the area’s mineral composition. Using what they call “Kor-Alm” glass, an extravagant Wine Fountain that simultaneously distributes wine into six glasses was created for the castle's private wine production.  A toast from the grounds of Schloss Hollenegg! 

Made with Sand from Styria, Austria transformed into glass by The Glass Factory Boda

Created for Schloss Hollenegg for Design

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